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Holiday Tales:Christmas in the Adirondacks William H.H. Murray

Holiday Tales:Christmas in the Adirondacks

William H.H. Murray

ISBN : 9781112434518
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 About the Book 

The intro of this book states that what Dickens did for England in A Christmas Carol, Murray does for America in this book.While it is not quite the mini-masterpiece that Christmas Carol is I still loved the story and the heartfelt emotions it evoked. Its worth the short read to get a fun, touching Christmas story!Heres a favorite part:Thus were they seated, ready to begin the repast - but the plates remained untouched, and the happy noises which had tothat moment filled the cabin ceased - for the Angel of Silence,with noiseless step, had suddenly entered the room. Theres asilence of grief, theres a silence of hatred, theres a silence ofdread - of these, men may speak, and these they can describe.But the silence of our happiness, who can describe that ? Whenthe heart is full, when the long longing is suddenly met, whenlove gives to love abundantly, when the soul lacketh nothingand is content, then language is useless, and the Angel ofSilence becomes our only adequate interpreter. A humble table,surely, and humble folk around it - but not in the houses of therich or the palaces of kings does gratitude find her only home,but in more lowly abodes and with lowly folk ay, and oftenat the scant table, too, she sitteth a perpetual guest. Was itmemory ? Did the Trapper at that brief moment visit his absentfriend ? Did Wild Bill recall his wayward past ? Were thethoughts of the woman busy with sweet scenes of earlier days ?And did memory, by thus reminding them of the absent andthe past, of the sweet things that had been and were, stir within their hearts thoughts of Him from whom all gifts descend, and of His blessed Son, in whose honor the day was named ?O Memory ! thou tuneful bell that ringeth on forever, friendat our feasts, and friend, too, let us call thee, at our burial,what music can equal thine ? For in thy mystic globe all tunesabide, the birthday note for kings, the marriage peal, thefuneral knell, the gleeful jingle of merry mirth, and those sweet chimes that float our thoughts, like fragrant ships upon a fragrant sea, toward heaven, all are thine ! Ring on, thou tuneful bell - ring on, while these glad ears may drink thy melody -and when thy chimes are heard by me no more, ring loud andclear above my grave that peal which echoes to the heavens,and tells the world of immortality, that they who come tomourn may check their tears and say, Why do we weep ? Heliveth still!