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Murder on Wheels Mary  Scott

Murder on Wheels

Mary Scott

Published July 24th 2000
ISBN : 9780749004606
256 pages
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 About the Book 

Bryan Greyshott was a high-flying, dare-devil oil executive- now he is confined to a wheelchair. Disaffected and dystopian, he has ended up in a bleak north London suburb. He attends The Centre, a ???community resource??? where he and his fellow wheelchair-users are routinely patronised by smiley, Sloaney Marion, who encourages them to ???face up to their disabilities???. It is only the regular visits of his scabrous, hilarious friend John that make life tolerable. When a spate of crime disrupts his monotonous routine, Bryan is almost relieved. But life is not quite so amusing when he is found beside Marion??s dead body with a crutch in his hand. If he is to avoid prison, Bryan must catch the real culprit - and quickly...